Testing Zynthian but getting boot loop

I am testing out Zynthian with a RPI 4 and Waveshare 7" 1024 hdmi/usb display using RPI headphones, and as described in this post when I boot I get a cursor in the top left and it returns to the screen with the zynthian login on the commandline in a loop: New build, can not boot - #5 by rayzrz

I’ve selected my waveshare display in the web UI as well as RPI Headphones as the sound card, but when when trying to change the Hardware Wiring to “Dummies” from “MCP23017_ZynScreen” as suggested, my web UI hangs trying to go to https://zynthian.local/hw-wiring so I cannot change it :frowning:

I am not sure how to proceed - is there a way with a config file on the sd card to change the hardware wiring option outside of the web UI?



i was able to get to the Hardware Wiring UI and change it to “Dummies”, but i still cant Zynthian interface to display on the screen. I have selected “WaveShare 7 HDMI+USB 1024x600” and still no joy. Should I try a custom config? If so how do I do this?


Hi @quarterstance and welcome.
Usually the kind of issue you are experiencing comes from a sound card misconfiguration.
You can first try to start Zynthian UI in debug mode (see “UI option” menu in Webconf).
Otherwise using a ssh connection (or the built in terminal emulator in webconf run the following command:

  • dmesg (linux kernel message to see if there is any hardware issue)
  • systemctl status zynthian
  • systemctl status jack2

And post output here