Text editor installed

something to think about to add to your next image or to put in your wiki. Is that you need to install nano so you can edit config files etc. Would be great if you added it in the image but if not then add

sudo apt-get install nano

as I am a musician and not a linux geek. you need to document very well files and changes need to make hdmi displays to work etc…

Hi John!

The zynthian’s “official” image (Gorgona & Gorgonilla) includes several text editors:

  • joe
  • vi

I think this is enougth, but of course, you can install your favorite one. Anyway, i have added “nano” to the list for the next release :wink:

Regarding documentation, i’m centered in the “official/reference” setup, althought i try to add the feedback from people building different ones. Anyway, you have to understand that there are virtually infinite possible setups, so it’s impossible to document all the possibilities.

I hope to release a new web configuration tool very soon. It should simplify the configuration procces, at least for the most common cases.

Kind Regards!


maybe document common apps that are installed as standard.
as when you search on the net to do things nano is the text editor you see used.
personally can not stand vi but know it is an old standard.
also what tool do you use to transfer files to the zynthian?

Here are literally hundreds of command line tools (“cli-apps” ;-)) installed in the Zynthian. It’s a quite standard Linux (Unix) machine. Almost all the “old standard tools” are installed: vi, sed, grep, more, less, find, top, tail, head, dd, … Also a lot of development tools and programming languages: gcc, perl, python, make, cmake, automake, …
The list is too large to be useful. If you want to use a given tool, you try, if it’s not installed, you can install it with a simple “apt-get” :wink:

Regarding the file transfer, currently the easiest way is to use “sftp”, althought you could configure “samba” or other file server if you like. In the near future i’m looking forward to integrate a “web” file-manager …


Yeah; I always feel this way with a new Linux distro. “Why don’t they have my tool!?!?” But luckily it was only one apt-get away for me. I’m glad nano is added to the list. Maybe we add wpasupplicant package too?

Eh, I still had to load my wifi drivers onto the SD card so I could get on my home wifi. I’m not going to ask you to include random Wifi driver X. (It’s the ralink 2870, if you were curious).

I could have used Ethernet for this bootstrapping procedure but, like, who has time for cables!?!? :wink:

Here’s what I ended up doing for installing Wifi:

I’ve done something similar for other things I’ve needed and it’s worked great–but if @jofemodo is taking suggestions on what should be on the RPi image next release, I’d like to add to the list:

  • zip
  • unzip
  • unrar

Can I add a vote for lsof ???

This is also handy for setting up touch screens like the Waveshares

  • xinput-calibrator