Thanks for this awesome Synthesizer/Sequencer!

I listened to all that contacted me on the forums. I bought a HifiBerry DAC Pro. WOW… This thing sounds great! Zynthian is so configurable! I was able to easily map the control keys on my Maudio Keystation 49. Zynthian is really great for creating MIDI Loops, then jamming with the loops. First I record a Bass midi track, then play the bass recording while I record the drum track, next play the bass + drum recording track while I create the rhythm track… after that create play the drum + bass + rhythm track while I record the lead track… Really cool setup.

Next step would be to use Rosegarden or Muse to edit the final midi recording.
Either that or I better practice more so I just get it right! LOL

Thanks a lot, this is awsome. It’s just the distraction I need right now.


Ahem, may we hear the distraction? :face_with_monocle:
(Winks significantly at @wyleu)

I play sax and harmonica … just learning keyboards and sequencing lol.

This is the beginning of it,. I still need to perfect it. Plenty of mistakes but I wanted to record it while it was in my head.



I have another one I just wrote… It’s called Hope
The analog strings in “the mysterious bank 2” sounds great!

Here’s the song. It’s not as raw as the one above, I really need to clean that one up.
This one didn’t need any cleaning, there’s no looping, it’s all in one track.