Not sure whether this is appropriate for this forum but thanks so much for the software. I bought a Pi4 and Hifiberry card thinking I’d run Sonic Pi or PD. Came across this though and am blown away. Having so much fun and only just started exploring the possibilities. Thanks again.


An audio clip is the traditional method of thanks. Introduce us to something new!

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And is normally accompanied with a :face_with_monocle:

Nothing ready to share yet. I play a small eclectic set with my wife (concertina, ukulele, trumpet, recorder, guitar, vocals etc.)and we’re missing a bass and drums. I didn’t want to take my laptop out gigging and anyway it was glitchy on audio. Thought I’d see what I could do with the new Pi. For live backing loops it’s going to be great, at the very least just running it through my looper pedal.
Working on a patch for a Song to the Siren cover. If it turns out any good I’ll post it if that’s the form. Getting a bit of glitching on the end of one of the long reverbs. I’ll try another and ask for advice if still getting the same problem.