The greatest synthesizer of the 20th century is here

Forget the CS80, Jupiter 8 or OB-Xa

Coming Soon


You’re really selling it!

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Sing with me “Ich lieb’ dich nicht du liebst mich nicht”

“Da da da”

Hurray! Finally more space on the shelf: I have two more Casio VL-1s that I can sell now. I always wanted to have a VL-1 with MIDI.

BTW: But the plugin only “speaks” VST, right? Does anyone create a LV2 variant?

Regards, Holger

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The one in the pull request?

BTW, the plugin does do rhythm and calculator mode but they’re not yet controlable via the lv2 interface.

Ah! Casio, not Yamaha. Quite different beasts :grinning:.


Must i suppose the calc function is also emulated? I hope so … :nerd_face:
Having a calculator on my MIDI-keyboard is a long-awaited dream …


You have to run the lv2 with XForwarding to use the calculator at the moment.

I’ve filed an feature request anyway

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I suppose the calc result is returned on a LV2 output control port, so we could find a way of displaying it on zynthian …

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I don’t love you.
You don’t love me.

After all is said and done,
It was right for you to run.

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OK! The recipe is tested and merged …
Simply run:


And enjoy …



@jofemodo will you add it in the next update ?
Thanks !

I will …

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Guys, how awesome is this? Gonna become bleepy soon, love it!

Talking about Casio, what a coincidence: Just reintroduced my ancient Casiotone 501 into my bigger live rig two weeks ago. Basically sounds really cheap and was a real flop back in the 80s, but has some very nice characteristic organs on it. Completely the other side of the organ spectrum than rich Hammond-like organ sounds.

@jofemodo thanks !


No no, It was @Baggypants:blush: