The Insolvency and Resurrection of Mod Duo

Some news from last year I just learned in a visit to the Mod Duo forum.

MOD Insolvency and Reboot Aug 17, 2022
Users noticed they were unable to access the plugin store or update downloads.
Two of the reasons cited:

  1. COVID compromises the Duo X production, removing our main source of revenue for that year. From 1400 planned units for the year, only 250 get to be produced and shipped through the whole year.
  2. The Crowdcube fiasco (some unprofitable partnership?)

Article posted by gianfranco; MOD Father Aug '22
A conflict between Open Source and Business

MOD Reboot: We made it! by gianfranco; MOD Father Sep 2022
Yesterday the sum of signed LoCs surpassed 200k€.
Yesterday we founded the new company, MOD Audio UG.

Dwarf kickstarter investors were asked to pay an additional 150€ to get their unit as scheduled.

Dwarf kickstarter delivery choices form issued