The Mixerless PA rig. (Amps on zynths)

I’ve put together a couple of zynths using the hifiberry Amp & Amp+ and I have to say the reduction in surrounding kit very much worth the effort as you don’t need to carry a mixer for solo use. Downside is that there has always been no audio input, so the Zynthian PA has remained unavailable till now . . . .

So we get a 60 Watt amp running off 12-20Volts that has an Audio in an audio out (admittedly, from my understanding going up and down with your amp volume)
and your own monitor rig.

Quite cute . . .

Hand me the microphone I wish to address a crowd easily. :slight_smile:

and which PI is all that kit sitting on in the picture … ? :thinking:


Very cute, indeed. Me likey! :+1:
As for that Pi, I only see one USB port! And that can only mean a V1…