The most basic zynthian

I’m trying to build what must surely be the most basic zynthian possible, from scratch.

A Raspberry Pi Model 2B
A USB Audio output
HDMI Monitor

I’ve picked up the Gorgona lite and
communicated with the machine using ssh at zynthian.local
changed to /zynthian/zynthian-sys/scripts and run several times( :slight_smile: )
This allows me to access the webconf via a browser at zynthian.local
Logged in using raspberry ( This takes several updates …)
Configured Wiring to Dummies
Configured Audio to USB Device
Configured Display to Generic HDMI Device

rebooting shows the text boot up but then cuts to a screen of black…
Shutting down zynthian ( systemctl stop zynthian) gives back the text display and
changing to /zynthian/zynthian-ui/img/ and running
cat /fb_zynthian_boot.raw > $FRAMEBUFFER
gives the distorted zynthian logo at the top of the text screen. I seem to remember sorting that out with width and height settings but can’t seem to repeat the magic.
If I plug in the USB Audio ( a known good Roland UA-3D and a Behringer UCA202) I get current rate 1842176 is different from runtime rate 44100.

Anyone got any suggestions before I start looking for a small animal to scowl at ?

First issue.
DISPLAY environment variable:- selects XWindows display
on a vanilla zynthian this is set to localhost:10.0, which is host:display.screen

Useful commands

Well I’ve got it working.

Raspberry 7" TFT screen
Audio Injector Board
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
and software from here:

It pretty much runs out of the box once the
Audio set to Audio Injector but remember to turn up the hifi output
Wiring set to Dummies
Display set to HDMI but add the LCD_ROTATE=2 line to get the screen up the right way.

The audio injector mounted on the screen…

and the overall appearance

I made pretty determined efforts to use the older Raspberry Pi2B but with very unsatisfactory results. Just couldn’t get the screen to work constant problems with $DISPLAY settings and xwindows not starting with nothing but a blank screen.

Admittedly this was after updates from the old DEC16 image but very frustrating.
THe arrival of the Rasp 3B and the recent software image above it seems to work.
Wee I’m playing Hammond organ from my Nord keyboard and listening on the headphones socket on the Injector board.

audio in is next.