The Zynthian Kit v4 has been released!

Hi @zynthianers!

I’m really really happy of present to you the new Zynthian Kit v4:

OK … we didn’t have time to make some decent photos yet, but you will see the real thing in a few days.

You can read the details in the zynthian blog:

And visit the new website we have been preparing for the project:

It’s not totally finished and there are some problems yet, but i think it improves quite a bit the old one :wink:



What’s the function of S1-S4?

At a wild guess I think they might be totally assignable to functions or programs.

Quick access to ZynStep, ZynMixer, Recorder, and Layers? That’s what I’d wanna do with them.

I’m going with “start, stop, AM, FM”


Room service, dry cleaning, Uber and flush.


Hang, draw, quarter and tidy up.


Will you include the adapter from microUSB to USB C so we can power it with the included adapter? :astonished: List of materials section missed it…
Just ordered the kit. sooo… my second zynth…

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Sorry, no USB adapters in the kit …

BTW, congrats for your new acquisition!! I really hope you enjoy it …

The best,

Was in jest. the List of materials says it comes with a micoUSB power supply which Last I checked won’t fit into a USB C Port on the Pi4.
Just another part of the website to update…

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Sorry, could you point me to the place where you have read that a power supply is included?
I can’t find it … :flushed:


Great news.


I just finished watching the final episode of Mr Robot then read in the blog post your reference to Mr @riban and felt some form of affinity :nerd_face:. Loving the enhancements and write-up. Are the inputs individually configurable, e.g. different gains?

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Yes, but not in the current stage of ALSA mixer …
It can be done from CLI.

Yes, i know. it MUST be improved ASAP … :wink:

In the shop, there is no option for buying zynthian without the raspberry pi for those who already having one.




Yesssss!!! :muscle:


Hi @le51,

You have the kit v4 without the raspberry available in the shop, just take a look in the dropbox inside the product details! :wink:

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Does the new V4 kit fit in the Zynthian Suitcase?