The zynthian 'local name disable'

Good morning.

Today I have some problems with controller BACK.

When the Zynthian stars I can’t change from ENGINE to ADMIN menu. Solution? I have read the Wiki

(I’m using PC portable with W7 via wifi and Zynthian via Ethernet to my router).

I have instaled PuTTY. The Zynthian responds well but where is the file to change ‘zynthian local ON’ ?

I need to run the test and diagnostics inside ADMIN menu.

Some help? (My Linux skills are minimum)

Thank you.

Hi @Mister_Carrington!

The only tests in the Admin menu are MIDI and Audio tests. If you want to test the controllers, you have to use the command line and some basic linux knowledge is needed here.

I don’t understand exactly what you mean, but some windows don’t have enabled the “local network” feature. I that cases you can use the zynthian IP.


That’s right!

I access to Zynthian thru IP with PuTTY. And then? What’s the procedure to enable LOCAL ON?

(I remember everybody I’m a real Linux dummy)


Sorry, I don’t know what you mean with LOCAL ON …:blush:

From wiki: " Your zynthian box uses the link-local name “zynthian.local” and can be accessed with sftp and scp "


"If the link-local address (zynthian.local) is not found, test if the link-local feature is enabled in your system. Sometimes is disabled and local names are not recognized. Also, you can use directly the zynthian IP, using the “Network Info” utility in the Zynthian’s Admin menu. "

Mine is disabled and BACK switch doesn’t work to access to ADMIN menu…

Hi @Mister_Carrington!

When the wiki says “your system”, it refers to your computer (desktop/laptop).
Ayyway, you told me that you can access the system using the Putty, so you can login. You didn’t tell me if you used the “zynthian.local” name or the IP. In any case, it doesn’t matter too much, as you can login.

Now, what do you want to do exactly? :wink:
I start to think that your controller “switches” are broken in someway … have you tried to change the “select” controller by the “back” controller?



BACK changed in SELECT, behavior:

Screen LOAD --> New. I push SELECT and it works. I access to ENGINE menu.

I try to select the Fluid Synth with rotary SELECT. Doesn’t work. I move the rotary BACK and it works. To activate this selection I need to push SELECT but surprise, the screen change to ADMIN.

Now it’s impossible to activate (pushing) any option.

Buff! What a mess!
Can you send some detailed photos of your controllers and your wiring?


Of course!

This pictures have your proposed change: “BACK changed in SELECT”.

Long shot

Inside 1

Inside 2