Tiny audio out card

A really small output card… https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/audio-dac-shim-line-out
Good for many audio uses. :slight_smile:

Hi, do you own that extension ?
I’m curious about what they call a " clever friction fit header", it looks interesting to keep the total height as smal as possible, but I don’t get how exactly it is achieved.

It looks like they have made the through holes slightly small so that the pins are in contact with the copper through plating, i.e. the holes in the shim’s PCB act as sockets. It will be interesting to see the longevity of this design. Over time there may be a reduction in conductivity due to oxidation, wear, expansiong / contraction through heat, etc.

It’s only just been released. I will get one next week.
I have one of these - https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/fan-shim - in my Pi-4 Zynthian homebrew and it works fine.
The point of these ‘SHIMS’ is that you can add a regular Pi card/ribbon cable and that will secure it.
In my Zynth that is the audio card.
I hope there will be one with audio input - imagine a Pi Zero with that… perfect for squeezing into a footpedal or USB controller keyboard!

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ok, so you confirm what @riban says about the way connection between the rpi header and the hat is done ?

It is a really thin PCB. The connection is secure, but better with a regular card or ribbon connected too.

ok thank you.