Touch screen activation

Hello all,

On August I bought the Zynthian v4 Kit. I built the Zynthian carefully and everything worked perfect except the touch screen that I didn’t know how to activate it. Now that I have more time I’m using deeply the Zynthian, I’m trying to create a live synthesizer session and I need the touch screen so I can go faster on the configuration of sounds. I would like to know how can I activate the touch screen because I didn’t found the way. I tried to look for the options inside the configurations but nothing found. I changed the SD and I updated the software but nothing.
Does anyone know how to activate it?

Hi @Jandro , welcome.

If you’ve downloaded the latest stable version, Your kit should working out of the box. Touchscreen included.

To investigate:
Within the webconf, you can go under Interface - > UI logs and activate debugging info
And then send the output here.

Hello @le51 , Thank you,

I would say I downloaded the latest stable version, and two times for both SD cards.
I really don’t know what happens. The touch screen never worked.

The output is too long so I only share lines which contains “screen”:

Nov 29 18:52:09 zynthian startx[1484]: INFO:zynthian_gui_config.: Wiring Layout MCP23017_ZynScreen
Nov 29 18:52:25 zynthian startx[1484]: DEBUG:zynthian_gui_control.set_controller_screen: SET CONTROLLER SCREEN Ungroup#4

well, it doesn’t help a lot …

I would suppose that the screen of my v4 kit I received is defective… I really don’t understand why and what is happening, and it annoys me.

Yes @Jandro ! It looks like a faulty display. I will send you a replacement ASAP, but first, please, send some detailed photo of the display’s PCB. Perhaps we could see something strange. I wouldn’t be the first time we fix a problem like that …


Hello @jofemodo, at first sight it seems to be as in the wiki “Zuilding Zynthian box”. However what I’m not sure is if the positions of the jumpers are the correct. If maybe it should have different positions.

Everything seems to be on its place, so the touch is probably broken.
We will send you a replacement ASAP.

Anyway, don’t expect the touch interface will bring you a “much better” user experience. You should read the user guide here: