Touch screen not working on a new Zynthian Kit v4.4

Hi All,

I have just recently purchased a new Zynthian Kit v4.4 complete with raspberry pi from the zynthian site. And am so pleased with it. I received it on September 10.

However I did not test the touchscreen at first because I was so busy using and discovering all the wonderful features on my Zynthian. But unfortunately the touch screen has never worked for me. When I try to run the Calibrate Touchscreen utility it always times out no matter where I touch it on the screen. I thought it might caused by the ribbon cable as one of connectors was at a slight angle but I have carefully buzzed that out with the continuity checker on my voltmeter and did not find any breaks or shorts and carefully checked the seating of the cable when i put it back together.

Do you please have anything suggestions for other things that I could try? Or is the display assembly faulty and would I need a replacement?


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Hi @LouisB !

Don’t worry. I will send you a replacement ASAP


Thanks so much for your quick reply I have just emailed with my order details.