TouchOSC support at risk

Hi @zynthianers!

As some of you probably knows, python2 is at end of life cycle. Next Debian stable (11) has dropped python support and although you can install some special package for having it, it’s not recommended anymore, so we should remove any python2 dependency from zynthian.

Fortunately, AFAIK, the only python2 dependency we have is TouchOSC, that we install from code:

The author doesn’t seem interested or doesn’t have the needed time to port to python3, so we should find solution and i’ve thought of kindly ask here for a volunteer to do it:

It’s a strightforward task, so anyway with basic python knowledge could do it. You simply fork, port and PR :wink:


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Maybe it’s time to look at open source alternatives like open stage control


Hi @Pastitas !

This is a new feature and it’s a really interesting one. Please, could you create a task on the issue tracker and try to define it? :wink:

But please, don’t mix things. What we are talking here is we don’t want to loose a working feature that AFAIK, is currently used by some @zynthianers.