Touchscreen Official Kit V4.6

i build the latest official kit 4.6 and cannot get the touchscreen running. I tried the latest stable and also the newest stable version. Is there anything to do except from plugin in the ribbon cable and choose V4 as the setup kit?
Thanks for your help

Hi @rockinlord !

It seems your display is bad wired or broken. Please re-check the wiring and if you can’t fix it, i will send you a new display.

Sometimes i have wrongly plugged some IDC connector to a single row of pins. Check this carefully!


As it was written in the instructions in a big red box to take some extra care while installing the Display, i checked everything 4 times until i finally turned the Zynthian on the first time. I just rechecked and the display is installed correctly. I am asuming that the touch functionally is simply broken then.

Currently, getting displays from Zynthian is a real headache, so we are trying to keep our stocks and avoid waste. So, i would like to make you a 2-options proposal:

  1. You live without touch and we refund you for the price of the display (35 €). In such a way we save a display that allow us to sell one more kit to some happy new zynthianer, before going out of stock again.

  2. We send a replacement.

We prefer 1, but you are free to choose. Up to you. Please, don’t feel pressure :wink:

All the best!