Tracks using MOD UI on the Zynthian

Just a thread where people can post and discuss examples of what’s possible with MOD UI effects on the Zynthian.

Here’s two tracks I made using the Gotharman Tiny Little Deformer running into the Zynthian’s MOD UI effects (granulator, shimmizita, and so on). I built the pedalboard for the first one myself in the webconfig interface. The second one I think uses the ‘crazy fx chain’ preset.

I tweaked the parameters live on the Zynthian and recorded the output to a Tascam DR-05. Edited in Samplitude Pro with a little compression from Softube Drawmer S73 and a bit of reverb from Variverb Pro.




I know that many of you have been asking yourselves, “What would chaotic almost-noise sound like routed through a shimmery delay and reverb?” Well, I have an answer for you.

I am again routing my Gotharman Tiny Little Deformer (a reliable source of chaotic almost-noise) into a MOD-UI pedalboard that I built myself, which includes Stuck, Reflector, Shimmizita, Stereo Echo, and Shiroverb.

Here is the track

In the track I start “wet” (with the FX turned on) then go dry (by turning BYPASS ON on each of the FX in the pedalboard), then change the TLD preset, then go wet (by turning BYPASS OFF) and then dry again. The most dramatic effect in the chain is probably Shiroverb, which gives a tangible shimmering halo to the sound.

And here is the pedalboard (2.0 MB)

Which looks like this

I believe you can use webconfig to upload the ZIP file to the MOD UI preset collection on your Zynthian.

I don’t know why some of the effects units in the MOD UI show up as generic sardine cans, which is a very funny placeholder, on the MOD UI interface, and in this screenshot. They work just fine though, both in the MOD GUI on my computer, and on my Zynthian.

I provide this example pedalboard just to encourage you to experiment and make pedalboards to your own taste.

Have fun! Keep exploring, and share what you learn!


I wondered who spray painted that on the orangery walls. . .