Transposing individual MIDI-notes

Hi, is there a way to transpose individual MIDI-notes? I’m using an old e-drum module and I cannot change anything related to MIDI inside the module. For example if I hit the kick it sends a B0 via MIDI but normaly a kick is on C1. But the notes for snare and hi-hat are right. So the MIDI-note transpose feature doesn’t help me because I would like to change only the note for the kick.

Is there some kind of workaround?

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Hi @Dennio! A warm welcome to the land of Zynthian.

Yes, you can use webconf to do this. Navigate to INTERFACE->MIDI OPTIONS then enbale “Advanced view”. This exposes the “MIDI filter rules”. Add a rule for each MIDI note you wish to map and remember to add a pair of rules, one for NOTE ON and another for NOTE OFF. For example the following rule will remap MIDI note 60 (middle C) to note 62 (D) on MIDI channel 1:

MAP CH#0 NON#60 => CH#0 NON#62
MAP CH#0 NOFF#60 => CH#0 NOFF#62

It does not unmap note 62 so pressing and holding C then pressing and releasing D will stop the original note playing.


It works perfectly with this code:

MAP NON#35 => NON#36
MAP NOFF#35 => NOFF#36

Thank you very much @riban :blush: :metal:

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