Triggering multiple audio playbacks on a single midi channel?


I haven’t spent a huge amount of time on this but I’m trying to figure out how to trigger different audio playbacks on a single midi channel each with their own playback triggered by a different key press. No luck so far. A pointer to how to do this would be much appreciated.


Hi @harrylnorris!

There are probably a few ways to do this but you coul do add an Audio Player chain for each sound, limit MIDI key range to one (different) note on each chain then clone MIDI to all chains. This way you can trigger a different wav/ogg/MPE to play when different notes are played. You may also want/need to apply transpose to each layer.

Let me describe my use case a bit more to see if multiple audio chains is a good approach. I would like to connect a “launch pad” with, say, an 8x8 pad array and have maybe 20 wav files and 20 midi sequences assigned to 40 of the pads. At most there might be only a few wav files or sequences playing simultaneously. Zynpad looks like it will handle the midi part. Should I be concerned about scaling issues if I try to create 20 audio chains?

Also, I was surprised that with one wav file, when I played different notes on the midi keyboard it controlled the playback speed and pitch of the wav file. Is this why you mentioned that transpose might be needed to play back different wav files assigned to keys at the original speed/pitch?

Thanks for the guidance,

Yep! Transpose would be needed to ensure each MIFI note appeared as 60 to the Audio Player to ensure correct playback rate. Zynthian does not support 20 chains so this solution won’t work for your usecase.

There has been discussion on a sampler, e.g. samplV1. It’s not properly/fully integrated yet so isn’t a solution for you yet.

[Edit] You could craft a soundfont with the samples you need then load it with one of Zynthian 's soundfont players (FluidSynth, etc.) This sold work well

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