Trueno - tiny analog synth the size of a usb stick

Hey I just stumbled over this little treasure here:

Its an real but tiny analog synth that can be used as a plugin in daws. The sound samples sound really cool.
Imagine if you could use it with Zynthian instead of DAW and computer! It would extend Zynthian even more to become an analog synth, ahh!
But might be a bit too complicated …? I might just be dreaming haha


Nice device … but i don’t think they give Linux/RBPi versions of its interface software… and of course, no public API, no open protocol, etc. Closed, closed, closed … :disappointed_relieved:


real shame too, cause that could be really cool with some hack-ability.

EDIT: I just sent them an email to see if they have any thoughts of at least linux support. We’ll see if it goes anywhere.

Just a follow up. The creator of Trueno responded kindly, but here’s the main part:

So Linux support would be quite difficult with the current design. A fair amount of processing is done in the VST (the tuning, LFOs/ENVs, wavetable generation etc), this is then summed up and sent as “Control Voltage” type signals to the synth which then sends audio back.
The idea behind this is it would be easy to add features later (ie: fancier LFOs, arps, step sequencers etc). However, this makes it quite a lot harder to port to other platforms. If I sell enough to justify designing a Trueno 2.0 then I’d like to put most of the processing on the stick which would allow easier porting (quite a few people have asked for iOS compatibility). At that point I’d be happy to release an API to allow someone to write their own editor.

Personally I wish Linux played a much bigger role in the professional audio scene - but I guess by not supporting it I’m not really helping matters!


I think they would sell more devices if they opened the protocol …