Hi all.
Started with one, and now there’s two. Just sharing some photos of my Twins. Total Awesomeness. Both are Pi4’s 4GB Ram and 64GB SD’s. Couldn’t be happier.



And what audio interface do you use?

I don’t use any. The onboard sound of the Pi4 is extremely clean of noise and the latencey is so low that i cannot feel any difference between playing sounds from my Zynthain vs my Korg Kronos.

I’ve also built a tiny USB device that allows me to navigate the Zynthain by using hand gestures.



Firstly . . . . :face_with_monocle:

We will, of course, be expecting some pictures at the very least … :smiley:

So those are Pi4’s? Where were the screen and case from?

Have you tried running them from a battery pack?

Arduino Micro? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, Pi4 screens. That Amazon link you posted is the exact one I bought. Same model, same supplier.

I built the USB controller from a Teensy-LC and a APDS-9960. So right now it’s pretty small, but I can get it much smaller. Just didn’t have the parts necessary at the time I built it. I’m planning on buying a 3D printer from Amazon this week, so I’ll probably pick up a few bits to make the sensor system even smaller and all going well, I’ll be able to print off a nice tiny little dongle case for it. Maybe even print off a new Pi4 case with the sensor integrated.

Here’s the actual sensor I bought.

And here it is stuck to the back of a Teensy-LC with hot glue.

Here’s a link to the actual sensor I bought. The Teensy-LC can be got anywhere.

I don’t have a video of the sensor in action on my Zynthian, but I did record this video for some friends in work for a different project I’m working on. This is way bigger. It’s a Arduino UNO, the APDS-9960, and an 8CH Relay.

This shows the flexibility of the sensor to work with 6 different gestures. It also supports colour, proximity and can measure light.

The Pi4 works fine off a Power Bank, but the one I have supports fast charge so it’s able to push out 3Apms with no problems at all.



I’ve had problems with running ZynAddSubFX with the onboard output. Does ZynAddSubFX run normally for you?

BTW, I love your compact Zynths! :smiley: Thanks for sharing!

These problems should be solved now :wink:

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Maybe the problem is that I haven’t flashed a fresh image in a while. :thinking:

An update should be enough …

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This is just beautiful !
How did you change the color of the menu ? :grinning:


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