Two cool tools: jack-trip and jmess

Hi there,

I found two new tools, maybe also interesting for Zynthian:

Making Jack-sessions over a network with low-latency… but be warned: you cannot make music with others in realtime around the world. The speed of light in a fiber is about 100.000km/sec, so you have a radius of about 2000km to be under a 20ms latency (that’s what most musicians accept as a barrier for live playing together) - and there is no calculation of system and network latency inside!

The next tool is:

Nice for storing and restoring jack-connections.

Regards, Holger

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And now there are three new recipes inside

  • recipe/ (needed for jacktrip)
  • recipe/
  • recipe/jmess

Regards, Holger

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Great @C0d3man!

I will add these recipes in the Next SD release (not Gorgona).
BTW, could you add to the zynthian-sys recipe directory all your new working recipes? Better do it in a new branch and i will check it before merging.




I will try this soon… currently I have not much time for a new sub-project :wink:

Regards, Holger

Hello there,

talking about jacktrip, there is a similar project providing this functionality. I used Jamulus myself now and then and it’s working quite well. If everyone participating focuses on the drummer (or one participant doing some beat) rather than the delay, it’s not so difficult to jam with each other.
Maybe it is an idea to have Jamulus integrated into Zynthian? (And then a Jamserver for the Zynthian community :wink: )

Grooving Regards,

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Hi Bernhard,

I tried Jamulus some months ago. It works but it has a small disadvantage: It has its own GUI (based on X11). This software could only be used when you are logged in via ssh into a Zynthian. jacktrip is a VLI tool, so integration into the Zynthian-UI would be easier.

Regards, Holger

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