Two Screen Zynth with Mixer

IT’s obviously time for another completely unfeasible zynthian construction to emerge from wyleu towers …

Meet zynthian-1820.local and it’s close friend raspi3-1820.local . . . .


It’s running stable ( updated ) + we have a very nice and handy combination of two 7" screens one running zynthian connected to the Behringer 1820 via USB whilst there is a giggabit ethernet hub linking to a 7" touchscreen with a Pi3 running raspbian os and the browser run full screen.

A rather nice little presentation, I hope you agree, which will run all your zynthian desires and configuration from a touchscreen, a mouse and a keyboard.

IT will probably gain encoders and switches shortly and all within an acceptable 3U real estate . . .

More news as soon as the 15mm aluminium strip is back in stock somewhere within cycling distance.
This is becoming my current testing rig and might even produce a video or two if I can get video working on a separate laptop … ( should really be a pi shouldn’t it …?)


:face_with_monocle: :film_projector:

It’s not finished yet!!

And proof you can squeeze zynthian encoders into 15mm of space round a 7" screen.


Just the 4 switches and a coat of paint to add…


Which it now has …


Ok, I lied I haven’t soldered up the four switches yet.

So then :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

Oh very funny ! :smiley:

Bit of zynseq and a 11 string guitar playing fairly simplified and incorrect chords, to keep the record companies away . . .

zynthian-1820.local has been officially :face_with_monocle:'d !!

Extra rook soup for anyone that can come up with better chords !


Great! Joe “Wyleu” Jackson sounds cool! :grin:

Serious error… have smoothly confused Joe Jackson with Billy Joel… shame on me

Nice to allocate the Audio Record Toggle to the first Physical button. Which makes recording whilst in the sequencer which uses the zynpad selection of the two sequences. Drums first followed by bass synth.

A better attempt that was let down by guitar playing . . .

Little bit of beehiving when the Browser 7" Pi screen is on. May need a little screening, or blank panel between the 1820 & the Pi’s


Yeah an intro like DAF:

and a theme like “steppin’out”:

@wyleu, the happy zynthianer :wink: : well done

Well I’ve just performed a full displayectomy and swapped the two displays on this machine as I was using my dodgy ex pedalboard screen with the dodgy reset on the zynth screen which meant I had to power the zynth off every time I reset it if I wanted to see anything on the screen and a session of touchscreen bug hunting got to involve too many restarts :smiley:
so for those that like to closely observe the worst soldering in the Western Hemisphere close up here, for the first time, is the back of zynthian-1820.local. This was the smuggly satisfying moment after the text and fix after I realised I put the touchscreen ribbon connector in the wrong way up :smiley: