TX-6 by ternage engineering

Oh wouah. Amazing.

(You will find 3 other small vids on teenage engineering YT channel).

So it’s an usb audio interface with 6 stereo in, but also a sequencer, a synth, an effect module, a midi control surface …

Documentation is really nice too :

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that video is little bit more detailed but doesn’t explore everything:

Note: he’s reviewing a prototype called TX-7

This is such a great troll.

I can’t imagine it’s anyway usable as a mixer, the amount of dongles and adaptors you’d need to actually use it to mix sources would be hilarious.

It would keep getting dragged off tables etc by just the cable weights.

Looking forward to actual reviews, should be a laugh.

Price Teenage Engineering TX-6 at Thomann shop in Germany: 1199 € !!! Might be not an affordable solution for everyone. when it drops under 800 € maybe …

My Ui24 was 750€ AND I got an additional AKG Mic for about 300€… Yes, it is bigger but it has so much more I/O and FX…

Yeah, it’s expensive imho and with a bunch of hassles due to its ultra small site:

  • a mess of cables and adaptators,
  • small physical controls that are not made for big fingers like mines,
  • ultra small display that is not made for my old eyes…

But but but, product is just beautifull (hardware and software). I’m sure that there will be buyers for it.

I’ve posted about it because it’s a bit like our lovely Zynthian : AD/DA interface, synth, sequencer, effect box

Ive absolutely got nothing against TE, their gear is beautiful and often well conceived. Even if im not interested in being a customer. I love gadgets and they make lovely gadgets.

Im just still unsure if the whole company is also a performance art piece about consumerism.

Trying to practically use this as a mixer with all channels loaded would be like a comedy skit.

Not sure about that though, it reminds me of 1010’s blue box. If, and its a big if, you’re only using 2.5 trs audio devices (like pocket operators, or a modular)
It reminds me of my livetrack l12 but tiny (and waaay to expensive in my opinion).