U-he plugins now available for Linux (Beta)


Hi @zynthianers!

@gueims sent me this link:

As you can read, u-he plugins are now available for linux in Beta. The list of plugins available for linux:

  • ACE
  • Bazille
  • Diva
  • Filterscape
  • Hive
  • MFM2
  • Podolski
  • Presswerk
  • Protoverb
  • Repro
  • Satin
  • TrippleCheese
  • Uhbik
  • Zebra2

As you probably now, some of this plugins are really good and although it’s “privative” software, some Zynthian users will be really happy with the possibility of using it in our beloved ZBox, so …

  • Can somebody do some research to know if these plugins will be available for ARM arquitecture (RBPi)?

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Great news !
I had a go with Diva once. I recall it is very CPU consuming !!
Inside the installation script I can see:
ARCH=$(uname -m)
if test $ARCH = x86_64 ; then

So it won’t install on ARM, right ?

edit: Actualy, the packages linked in the forum contain precompiled so. Maybe it is possible to get the sources ? So that we could compile for arm.


Any of this synth list is a big weapon in music production. If Zebra 2 could operate inside the tiny ARM will be glorious but I’m sure that CPU will be 100% working. I can confirm this extreme because in a PC ‘eat’ a good part of the CPU.

Finally… U-He in Synthian it’s a wet dream!

Thanks for your effort guys!


We need a ARM-compiled version of the plugins. Can somebody try to contact U-He people and ask for that? :wink:


I am currently focused on Pianoteq, so I currently have not enough time… Anyone else?


Hi there,

If you guys are OK, I can get in touch with them.



Please, do it :heart_eyes:


I have just sent a message to the U-he support :slight_smile:
I let you guys informed.


I ask on the KVR forum as well as the U-he support.
I have been told that the plugins are only available for Intel CPUs as they use Intel intrinsic functions in the source code.
That is sad :frowning:


Ohhhh! Bad news! I don’t think wen can do nothing in that case. Perhaps some day they consider porting the code to ARM.

Thanks for trying, @claudev!