UI menu restart button?

Would it not be nice to have a separate hardware button to reset the UI interface program? very handy when using Zynthian in a live situation and it doesn’t work as expected.
And a possiblity in the web interface.
In a test environment you can use terminal commands from another computer, but in may situations that might not be available.

When playing now (as a beginner) with the 7" touch screen (have no encoders yet), could not come out of a submenu, or even could not get to the system menu from the main menu.

A simple pushbutton on it’s own GPIO pin and a small program connecting to the pin’s interrupt that executes the UI restart command, would do the trick.
(better to make it react only on a long push).

A few days back, when i used the Zynthian and the touch screen for the forst time, I touched the “update Zynthian” menu entry by accident and for 90 seconds I didnot see anything happen (except lots of flicker on the LAN port) and the UI kept froze (inresposive).
It would be nice to have visible feedback about the progress of the update (not many users will wait an unknown time for a computer to see something happen), And a simple confirmation in the menu to prevent the long-lasting action whyen you only accidentally touched this entry

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If I was choosing, in a live situation, between an i/o port locked to MDI reset and Gui reset, I think I would have to go for MIDI reset. It addresses the real failing in the MIDI protocol so it’s a situation that can legitimately rise.

The Zynthian GUI should not crash :-D, now that is not to say I haven’t had it happen, but generally because of the modular design you still have full musical interaction, I press a key the zynth plays. I may have lost the ability to alter knobs, but I can drive it. There is a GUI reset in the Admin section, but if the gui’s crashed . . . :frowning:

Perhaps then the reset for gui shouldn’t be a hardware i/o command but a low level API ( see disc elsewhere… ) call to restart the GUI. That way it can emerge from an external MIDI massive Red button next to the keyboard mapped through the MIDI Mapper into the API perhaps …?