Unbalanced stereo - how can I get mono in or upgrade?

Hi everyone

I have the V2 I believe, the one with the unbalanced stereo input. It didn’t bother me because I wasn’t using the input. But now I would like to use it as a effect engine for my synth.

Can I either modify it so I can plug in a mono jack or how much would it cost just to upgrade to a newer version of the sound card?


Hi @Humi !

So you have a single stereo input? Please, could you send me some photo from your zynthians backside and also from the internal audio connections?

I would try to guide you so you can have a mono audio input.


Here ate some photos :slight_smile:

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OK! Simply try to unplug one of the 2 audio lines going from the Audio Input TSR Jack to the onboard connector. Try unplugging the red one. If it doesn’t work, try unplugging the white one :wink:

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You may want to review your soundcard hardware config:


Perhaps you want to adjust the input amplifier gain that is only doable by jumper setting (J1).
From your photo, it seems to be configured to 0dB. See “Input gain settings” in the soundcard datasheet.


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Wow, thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll try it!