Upcoming Banana Pi BPI-CM4 offers drop-in replacement for Raspberry Pi CM4

Original Banana Pie Forum Announcement.

The News Link.

Another alternative processor example that would unfortunately break all the Broadcom drivers and require redundant coding effort.,
But having 2 processor brand options would sure be nice.

Uses 6 cores (4x performance Arm Cortex-A73 at up to 2.2GHz and 2x efficiency Cortex-A53 cores at up to 1.8GHz) with Arm Mali-G52 GPU which claims 108.8 gigaFLOPS of FP32-precision compute.

Connections are scaled down from the Raspberry Pi with just 1 HDMI ,1 CSI and 1 DSI.

Well, it’s interesting to see new actors coming on the CM4 form factor market.
I really love this format.
But BananPi suffer of an horrible reputation regarding software support.
And for now, it’s just an announcment, without any price and without any delivery date.

I’ve finaly bought a 5 bucks redeem code for the upcoming Radxa Rock5 (with rk3588 chip) that will give me a 50 bucks reduction on final purchase (eg for the 4 Gig RAM version : 79 dollars against 129)