Update gives an ERRRor Screen [SOLVED]

today Juy 5th did a update after reboot
I get a ERRor screen. Please help.

Are you able to stop the service and rub it manually so that you see the log messages?

No, can not ssh in to it.
I had re-image 2 sd cards ( 32 and 16gigs)
on a 16 gig card did a first run - reboot -re-do the update and no problem
with the 32 gig card did first run - reboot- update - reboot - error message

Why can’t you ssh into it? Can’t you connect via ethernet?

correct! not able to log in via ethernet cable

Ping works? Is it the new CusomPiOs?
Tried pi as user?

today - re-image the sdcard - update
and back to UI. error message is gone.
looks like I was experiencing packages drops during update download and corrupting the files

ps . how do you mark a post as solve?