Updated SD Image: "Gorgona Next"


Hi @zynthianers!

I just uploaded an updated SD image. Its name is “Gorgona Next” and i hope it will be the last Gorgona release.

This time i’ve prepared pre-configured versions for Kits v1 and v2:

This release try to solve some configuration problems from the previous release (Gorgona-Edge), includes the last software updates and upgrades the MOD software.

Finally, you will note that the image size is bigger although the apt cache has been cleaned. The reason is that the SFZ soundfont collection has been re-organized, fixed and updated with new ones.

Enjoy … and keep seeding!! :wink:

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I forgot to say that i’ve fixed a few bugs in the Zynthian UI MOD integration (MOD-UI engine). I hope you note some improvement, specially when using the Web UI & the Zynthian UI at once :wink:


Do we have to install the new image or will an update fix all errors?


The update should be enough, but some people had configuration problems in the last days/weeks. I’ve found some “update” problems depending on the “status” of the system. It’s difficult to make a good update system that covers every possibility and case … :persevere:

You try and if it works for you, perfect. It would take some time to upgrade de MOD software. If you have problems, try to download the new one :wink:



I’ve tried to download images to seed them, but file for V2 has no available sources…


uuups… my seeds stopped automaticly. Don’t know why. Can you check again?

Regards, Holger


It’s available now… my NAS already started to download & seed. Thanks.


My torrents stop seeding too … strange!
I’m seeding again …



@jofemodo It’s a plot by Hammond Company:P :smiley:


Downloading & seeding! Thanks!!! :love_you_gesture::clap:


Have you considered compressing these images? I tested 7z on the original Gorgona image and saw it reduced to 54% of original size.


The link for Gorgona-Next Kit v2 is timing out - where can I download the latest image?



@nack, yes, i’ve considered and will do it for the next releases :wink:
@s_blakely, my torrent server is having problems these days, but i hope the problem is solved and working OK. Please, try again :wink:

Kind Regards,


BTW, I’m still seeding… :slight_smile:


Thanks, @Axeman ! :wink: