Updated Zynthian Website!


Hi @zynthianers!

Having received some constructive critics about Zynthian’s website:

Finally i’ve updated it. Please, check it and don’t doubt to send me fixes. You know my english is terrible , jajaja! :rofl::rofl:


Also, if some of you have contributed to development with code or any kind of work and would like to be in the “Core Members” section, please don’t be shy!! I would be happy of adding new faces to this section!! Really!!

Finally, Mr @C0d3man, i temporary toke the photo with your favorite t-shirt, but probably you want to change it. In such a case, please don’t miss to send me a “decent” photo, preferably with black/dark background. :wink:

Kind Regards!



Had a first look and I identified some “mistakes”:

1st line: equipPed

3rd line: based on Raspberry…

Great work by the way! Many thanks


“eMulation”, not “eMMulation” :slight_smile:


Hi @jofemodo,

nice work!!!

It’s absolutely ok for me :smile: If someone wants to see me in real: http://www.rockinthechurch.de/ (I am the one with the guitar).

Regards, Holger


Wonderful! I thought you would like using this photo :love_you_gesture:



Looks good!

in one of the banner pages:

configurable, upgradeable and … hackeable!
should be "hackable"
its also spelled incorrectly in the description below that.


Thanks! It’s fixed :wink: