Updating synth engine (ZynAddSubFX)

I want to pull in the latest bleeding edge synth from the ZynAddSubFX master branch, because there are a couple of new features I want to try out, but I’m not sure the best way to get it into the Zynthian:

  • Pull the ZynAddSubFX repo into the RPi4 and build it locally?
  • Build a whole SD card image from scratch?
  • Some other way?

I would try this, but before “make install” you should uninstall current ZynAddSubFX package with:

apt-get remove zynaddsubfx

and install in “/usr” or add some symlinks.

Good luck!

Ok, great, so it should basically build ‘out of the box’ without any manual intervention or patches?

I can confirm that it does build out of the box, I just followed the build instructions on the zynaddsubfx github home page and it built and installed fine. Thanks for the tip on removing the existing installation first.

The only problem I encountered was loading a new snapshot after installing the new version, something went wrong and it seemed to hang, but it loaded fine after a reboot so I think it has something to do with the version that was installed was not the version running at the time.

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