Upgrade Pianoteq.... or otherwise how to un-install?

Dear friends of Zynthian,

just yesterday I assembled my Zynthian V5 and I’m absolutely impressed by this machine (sound quality, flexibility, playability, …). Just now I started cleaning it up a little bit, therefore I stumbled over Pianoteq.
1.) If a understand it correctly, the cheapest full functional version of Pianoteq (i.e. all keys are activated) is “Pianoteq Stage” and costs €139.
2.) Although there’s also an upgrade offered from “any version to Pianoteq 8” for €29, I assume that this is not valid for the trial version included in the Zynthian standard configuration

Is this correct? If so, then I don’t have any need for Pianoteq (in concerts I’m using my Nord Stage 2 EX anyway) and I would like to uninstall it. But how can I do it? In the WebGUI I just can enable Pianoteq 7 Stage, but this also seems to be a trial version with some missing keys… And neither in the forum nor by Google I could find anything how to remove…

Thanks for your answers and tipps in advance and wish you a good start into 2024! (Just if you wonder: Due to Covid+ there’s no party for me this evening… :frowning: )
Doc “Marc” Analog

Hi @DocMC! Welcome to Zynthianland. I hope you will enjoy this wonderful community.

You are correct that the lowest cost option is €139 for Pianoteq Stage (unless you are a student in which case you can get a discounted version). The upgrade option is for users who have purchased previous licenses such as Pianoteq 6 and want to upgrade to the latest version.

There is no way to unintstall Pianoteq from Zynthian. It does no halm sitting there though.

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@riban Thank you for the quick answer. Then I just have to get used to this unused synth.

For now - yes. There are lots of synths I don’t use but tend to leave the LV2’s enabled in case I want it. We may add a similar mechanism in the future to hide the non-LV2 modules too.

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What is the reason of this choice?

Zynthian does not have an app store or mechanism for users to dynamically add or remove applications. This would involve significant investment of time to write the code. If someone wants this feature they are free to write the code and submit a pull request. Zynthian is an open source project maintained by very few people. Any help is gratefully received.

This would be a beautiful thing… unfortunately I am absolutely unable to work on the firmware…
I’d like to include different sounds that I already have.

It’s a shame that not everyone likes PianoteQ… some time ago I bought Keyscape for Omnisphere, but since I discovered PianoteQ (thanks Zynthian) the 77 GB of Keyscape remain still inside the NAS, while there isn’t a day that goes by without using PianoteQ with its few Mb.
My personal opinion is that a possible ranking would be this:

  1. PianoteQ
  2. Keyscape
  3. The Grandeur
    then… everything else… Obviously the mechanics of the keyboard has its great importance and for me the best remains Yamaha…

Then as I wrote to a fantastic pianist I know: “You would even make the Titanic’s piano sound good in the state it is in today”… and believe me it’s true…