Upgraded to RbPi4!


I just upgraded my Zynthian to RbPi4 and i’m so excited because i have no exprience in electronics but it actually worked : now Pianoteq runs smoothly, with no XRuns ! :smiley:

Thanks for this awesome project guys !


Oh, that’s really nice, @thefunkyjoint !

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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Great!! I’ve already discovered Zynthian and I’d really like to run pianoteq. I don’t know anything about coding or linux. Do you think I could go along in getting a Rp4 Zynthian and installing pianoteq stage?

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Sure, i don 't have Linux experience either ; it’s not that hard and with Rp4 Pianoteq is running smoothly.

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Did you have to modify the case or already exists one for Rpi4.
Thank you for answering.
Nice playing!

There is no case for the rpi4 yet. I’m pretty sure someone here put in a pi4 without modification. I did some drilling out.

Actually i did not modify anything on the case, although i can’t access the HDMI ports ; no problem for me as i won’t use them anyway.