Upgrading hardware and xruns

I have a Zynthian with a Raspberry Pi 3B and Hifiberry-DAC+. I do experience xruns quite a lot (especially in ZynAddSubFx, and depending on the chosen preset and amount of polyphony). So I am wondering if upgrading to a 3B+, and/or a hifiberry pro (with built in audio clock) would help a bit?


I have a 3b+ and still get lots of Xruns
Am seriously considering down grade to Gorgona image, so far the best to work with pi 3

Are you using Aruk RC-3? It works for me quite well (not worst than Gorgona).

Could you specify what presets are causing the problems? ZynAddSubFX has problems with some presets (AngelPiano, for instance) from the very beggining and that has not changed until now …

If i could reproduce your performance problems, i could work for solve it … if not, it’s very difficult.

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