Upload of sf2 files very slooooooow

Hi there!

All of the sudden, sf2 upload is taking about 60 times longer than usual. Normally a 100MB sf2 file would upload in under a minute. Now it takes about 20 - 30 min.

I have not changed anything in setup or the like. Webconfig works as expected.

The only thing I DID change was renaming soundfonts like so:

Grand Italian.sf2

pno: Grand Italian.sf2

EDIT: Problem persists after renaming “pno:” to “pno”

Maybe related issue:
Backup only works if I exclude

here’s my config:

200805 zynConf|690x375



my soundfonts directory is about 1.9Gig - am I running into SD-Card capacity issues maybe?

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I also have the problem when I start the sampler all names of samplers disappear? sometimes shows again I hope that they make an update for it wait maybe yes? :v:

Sounds like you are using a very low end microSD to begine with. You say normally you can transfer 100MB in under 1 minute. That sound extremely bad. I would have expected you to say a few seconds for a 100MB file. I can transfer a 100MB via LAN in about 2 seconds and about 5 seconds via WiFi.

My 2 cents. Your issues may very well be all down to the microSD card you are using.

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yes that’s true but when you start the sampler is the problem and hangs
probably i got the sampler from a korg and of course as sf2 it doesn’t work

As I’m using the fastest SD I coud find (class 10HC) i def rule this out. By now it does work again, I upgraded to the latest zynthian build - and even got a bigger SD card (32GB, class10HC) - eventually this was an issue with running out of space on the SD card.