Uploading SFZs - Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve had a go at uploading a few of my own SF2 files to my Zynthian using the webconf interface. This all went as expected and was pretty straight forward.

I then tried uploading some SFZ instruments and didn’t have the same level of success. Here are the steps I followed:

  • Put SFZ file and folder of samples into a zip file using windows built in zip tool
  • Access webconf tool and navigate to the library>Presets & Soundfonts>LinuxSampler section
  • Create a new bank called “My bank” and then click on it to highlight it
  • Click “upload”
  • Drag-n-drop said zip file to the drop area
  • Click “upload!” button
  • Watch upload progress bar get to 100% and then upload screen disappear

At this point the system seems to get stuck, with a swirly-roundy processing animation just below the “download” button. I’ve tried letting this do its stuff for a while but it never seems to complete the operation, and so far I’ve not been able to see any new SFZ instruments nor the newly created bank. Am I missing something simple?

I have a Zynth running the latest official zynthianos, and am accessing it via webconf on a Win10 machine with Edge browser

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Not all SFZs are compatible with LinuxSampler. Its SFZ-2 imeplementation is not complete.
You could try with small and simple SFZs, to see if your procedure is OK. If it works, then try with the bigger & more complex SFZs …


I added my all thumbs user test and got the same results as scro. Got loading bar after selecting an archive file, then Presets and Soundfonts window has a perpetual busy icon.
The web interface ends up mostly broken, though it will open MODgui , but will not reboot. I can reboot from the Interface. Which I did between each attempt.

Linuxsampler played preloaded sounds OK, including the challenging SalamanderGrandPiano v3.

zyncoder: stable (d852c8f)
zynthian-ui: stable (b2f6a7c)
zynthian-sys: stable (e8fe7ce)
zynthian-data: stable (f71259d)
zynthian-webconf: stable (153a020)

Atempted loads (all original distribution archive files)

Clavecin-master.zip 4.2Mb
MTG.SoloSax-master.zip 105Mb
OvationGuitar-master.zip 6.7Mb
Specialism_Close_Grand.7z 51.3Mb
UprightPianoKW-SFZ+FLAC.tar.gz 33.6Mb