Uploading soundfont trouble

Today i have an a full immersion on Zynthian…
I try to upload some soundfont sf2 and gig to the Zynthian using the webinterface
The process works and the soundfonts are visible in the menu but none are working…
I try then to uploading the same sounfonts using ftp (winscp) …and now the soudfonts are working.
Seems that the webinterface process damaged the sounfonts…

Please tell us which one you tried to download

Sorry my soundfonts are on my pc…when i upload on Zynthian using the webinterface (the Zynthian config webpage) the soundfonts are not working…but if i upload using ftp (winscp)…then the soundfonts are working fine …i try with sf2 and also gig fonts

you are right.
Update and try again please.

Thanks @mheidt i try and now the upload works but not for big samples.
I try to put a sf2 samples of 500 Mb and the system hangs (i need to pull out the power supply no connection also via ssh).
Another question …no way to have multiple selection of samples to upload???

Thank you very much

I think, this is a timeout issue. Fernando, do we have the option to enlarge that?

Only if we can set it higher, I would recommend a multiple upload.

Btw, are you sure, that this file works on a zynthian? My experience showed, that they should not be much bigger.

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Thanks @mheidt …yes the file put inside Zynthian with ftp works fine .