USB-C Ethernet connection to MacBook Pro

Anyone has tried to access zynthian from MacBook Pro via the usb-c connection? Eg using this?
Would be a very convenient way to have keyboard and screen for the zynthian when needed, for example when displaying native GUI

If you want terminal/X11 access to your zynthian, there are several ways that would work out-the-box:

  • WIFI network
  • Ethernet <=> Router
  • Ethernet <=> Ethernet

I don’t think powering a zynthian (RBPi4 + Soundcard + Display + …) from a computer USB is a good idea and Mac laptops use to be quite restrictive regarding the current …

Anyway, it’s a nice hack to try … good luck!! :wink:

The best,

I did connect to the zynthian to my MacBook Pro via wireless but the screen display is a bit sluggish, E.g. when trying to access extra parameters of pianoteq via its native GUI.

The MacBook Pro only has usb-c ports so to try Ethernet to Ethernet I have to buy a usb-c to Ethernet cable… my hope was that usb-c to usb-c would do the trick as shown in this video. However he is it not driving an audio card as well… max output from the MacBook Pro is 5.2 V x 2.1 A so you are right most likely not enough for the zynthian

This should be enough … I measure the current consumed by my zynthian v4 all the time and it NEVER reached 2A …


Thanks for that info!
I am going to try then. Any advice on best practice for hacking in the zynthian? In particular, How do I ensure my change play nice with the updates you release? If things work is there a way for my changes to make it in the official update so other can use it?

Normally you have to make a PR on one or more of the zynthian’s github repositories.
System changes are the most complex to integrate, so don’t worry too much until you have a working solution.