USB Gas & Brake Pedals . . .

been looking at these for a possible cheap two pedal to USB ‘volume’ like pedal. Anyone got any experience of this sort of thing…? I don’t doubt I could pick one up cheaply somewhere, but I wonder if people think its viable or can think of better alternatives. . . ?

Obviously you can pay a premium …


meanwhile … :slight_smile:


We have a cheap one. The pedals plug in to the wheel using a jack or something, the wheel has the usb plug.

edit: it’s an RJ11

Yes that’s what I got from looking at the ‘copious’ manual. The second offering might make for an interesting foot controller ( my current obsession :slight_smile: ). I’ve just put a fishman humbucker pickup on the twelve string and was wondering about a blend pedal as well as overall volume. course if twisting the foot can introduce some oh so subtle echo/flange/delay/overdrive/unicorn breath. . . . then so much the better…!