Usb MIDI-IN on host

Hello all,

I looked around about midi input on host but didn’t find my answer yet.
Essentially I am currently driving my zynthian with a usb controller and it works fine because the controller has a B plug and the zynthian is USB-A acting as host.
But what if I want to output midi from my computer and send it to the zynthian. Then It’s USB-A into USB-A so: host to host talking together which is probably not the best thing to do.

Isn’t their a way to connect 2 USB hosts or switch one of the usb input of the zynthian as device and send midi data from computer to zynthian without resorting to midi 5 pin connectors?
Maybe I am formulating the question badly because I can’t even find some one asking this question on google. :wink:

For those asking why being cruel to yourself. This is essentially me trying to feed a sequencer output into my Zynthian.

Hi @cryoshad,

I was thinking about something similar.

Perhaps this converter will do the magic. Select the language icon in the right top corner. I’ve found this in a quick research, I guess there will be others.

I wonder whether a standard usb a/a bridged cable will do the job as well (the one used to communicate computers), althoug I think a kind of software will be required to manage channels and other midi data.

Anyway the safe bet is using a usb to din midi cable converter.

Regards, Jose

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Thank you that is exactly what is needed, it’s sth which strangely doesn’t seem to belong to the standard music shop assortiment… Anyway thank you for showing me it existed. :wink:


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