USB Midi out [SOLVED!]

I have a NOOB question

I want to use my Zynthian (PI4) with Camelot software on Windows 10 via usb Midi

Interface is an Iconnect midi 4+. I need MIDI out activated for the Midi learn funktion of camelot.
I can activate MIDI out by MIDI options (and save)


It work until I restart the Zynthian, the port entry data are still there, but the hooks are gone (seen pichture) and there is no output on the Iconnect.

The problem is that when connecting the iConnect after booting zynthian, it’s not recognized as a “native jack MIDI device” and it’s connected to a2j interface (ALSA to jack). You can see the slighty different names adding the “a2j” prefix:

a2j:iConnectMIDI4__[28] *(playback): iConnectMIDI4__MIDI_1

This is quite annoying and it could be considered a “bug”, but i don’t know how to avoid it. Perhaps “the wisdom of the crowd” can give a solution … :wink:

Until then, simply be careful with the way you connect the iConnect to the zynthian. Keep it connected all the time, or always connect it after booting.

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Hi jofemode,
thx for the replay

The Iconnect is connected all the time and starts before Zynthian

Is there another way to get USB Midi aut to the PC?

Try to setup everything from scratch and pay attention to the connection of the iConnect. Also compare the “string” generated for ENABLED_OUT.

  • On RBPi4 you can use the power type C connector. If you are using a desktop computer, perhaps it can supply enough power to the zynthian

  • If not, you could use some of the network protocols. They work really fine on wired connections:

    • RTP-MIDI
    • QMidiNet


THX again,
removing the old entries seem to do the job


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