Using 4.4 Kit unable to launch Mod-UI on stable 2104

I’ve used balenaetcher to write 2021-05-18-zynthianos-stable-2104 to a SD card, and it seems to be working fine; but some lvl2 plugins kick out an error screen, and mod-ui is unable to launch.

I’ve updated via the UI, and through the terminal by running bash sys/scripts folder.

Also; my audio input does not seem to be working, but I’m able to midi-in and audio output just fine.

Could specify which plugins are kicking the error?

Perhaps something went bad with the update. Could you try with a fresh-burned SD image?

Have you checked your audio input levels on the Audio Levels screen?
Also, if you are using balanced input, you should choose the last option for the “ADC Left/Right Input” control.


I was able to get MODUI to briefly work by reinstalling the OS and doing an update, but then while I was trying to boot MODUI a second time it crashed, and now is unable to boot the MODUI layer.

I also was unable to get audio input to work.