Using outotune

I would like to give this plugin a go. Did anyone give it a try?

I just tried it and it matches this description from its github page:

Outotune is computationally expensive.

It uses 100% of all 4 cores and causes Zynthian to lock-up. It is not useable on the Zynthian platform.

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Hi @robert, if you’re looking for an autotune, there’s already one onboard in Zynthian: X42-autotune

My initial thought… but outotune is different - it is a harmoiser, I checked and X43-autotune does not offer this.

Update: The native GUI is consuming all the CPU. (This seems to be an issue with DPF based applications, at least since we migrated to 64-bit but may be coincidental, e.g. DPF may have made changes that break arm64.)

However, even with the native GUI disabled it still uses substantial amount of CPU on 1 core and constantly xruns so it is still of no use!


Is that (constantly xruns) on Pi5? If not, I wonder if it will be usable with a Pi5…

It was on a RPi4. I just retried on a RPi5 and the same results. 100% CPU on all cores with the GUI running (and the GUI doesn’t work - half not drawn). Without native GUI, high CPU on one core and permanent xruns. This is at best, a very resource hungry plugin and at worst a broken one.

I don’t think there is benefit in persuing this further in this forum. If someone is keen and able they may want to get involved with the outotune project and help fix and improve it. If it reaches a stable and suitable state then they could revisit here to request we take another look but it is of no use to us - just a resource hog (in all ways).


ok, thanks. I couldn’t figure out how to install it on my Zynthian. I saw Jacob Collier perform with his harmonizer, and it inspired me to try it myself. Well. I 'd better call some friends and ask them to sing with me. It’s probably more fun.