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Hi Guys,
after replace my broken soundcard, I go to start using my zynthian in an environment by QMidiNet. On Windows I use rtpMIDI by Tobias Erichsen. It’s works with Pedalino for e.c… My Zynthian Soft- and Hardware you can see in the sreenshot enclosed.

I start a alsaport by “qmidinet -a” and can see a port with “aconnect -l”.
How can I connect my PC with the Zynthian using rtpMidi now.

Greetings Roman says the two (qmidinet & rtpMIDI ) ain’t compatible . .

The qmidinet implementation on the zynth is pretty simple. I would have previously typed qjackctl a lot here, but patchage is now easily available and makes for a nice alternative.

You need to ssh onto your zynth then on the command line

: apt install patchage.

Then simply run patchage . . .

: patchage

Here you see my zynthian-motor.local doings it’s thing . . .

And as you can see Qmidinet is on channel one for input and output from the zynth.

So ANY device that talks to a device qmidinet channel 1 is going to transfer ALL the MIDI data to the zynthian to be implemented, and likewise any MIDI data from the zynth routed to the netwrk port will be transfered back.

So to connect your zynth to any device on your PC/MAC/Pi/Qmidinet Device simply select the qmidinet port as an output device.

Hi Wyleu,

thank you for your reply, but this was not really the problem. I can’t connect on my PC using rtpMIDI to zynthian qmidinet. Please can you give me a hint which port is using by qmidinet. On my PC it is 5004, the default for rtpMIDI.

My version of qmidinet running on my Linux laptop

and when I play the motor61 keyboard I see the notes on the laptop. . . .

and if I fire up jack-keyboard and select q midi in then the notes I play on that virtual keyboard play on the zynthian . . . says the two ain’t compatible . . . says it is compatible with
ipMIDI for Windows (

I’ve edited an early post of ine to include this information further up the thread . . .

I’ve certainly had that working in the past . . .

So I will test the IPMidi software.

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