Using the knobs

Hi All,
while trying to make the first song with only Zynthian, I missed the possibility to save my configuration of selected instruments to the MIDI channels. Is it possible?
I already “read” the picture from wiki but I am still unsure, what should happen if I push the encoders.
Is there a more detailed description?

Best Regards

Hi @StoneTMoN!

Yes it’s possible. You have to use the LS (Load/Save) switch button (3). If you click once, you get the Load menu, another click and you are in the Save menu. Normal click opens the engine’s LS menu, that lists the current engine’s snapshots but If you bold-click LS when some engine is active, then you get the global LS menu, that lists the snapshots for all the engines.

Currently the wiki’s workflow scheme is the only documentation about the Zynthian UI. It should be improved and commented for better understanding. I will try to do it in the next weeks, but please, feel free to do it by yourself. It would be a very good contribution to the project :wink:

Best Regards!

Hi @jofemodo,

thanks for your explanation. The workflow at wiki is good. I used it and did the right actions as shown in this picture. But I made a fault in my connection between the boards (I used GPIO-X01/X02 instead of X07/X08) and so I was not shure having understood the doc. And mostly a picture says more than words.
Since the connections are right it works :blush: