Using Usb C cable for MIDI

Yes, it’s still me with the doubts and impossible questions …
I had connected my Zynthian to a MacBook with MixBus via usb c cable. Apart from the poor power supply, everything worked and MixBus saw the Zynthian by its name … Now I’m powering the Raspberry with 12V power supply and 5.1V stepdown … if I connect the USB c cable (both with power wires, and without) noise is heard in the headphones and the Zynthian is not detected by MixBus …
It would be nice to use the usb c cable for midi control from DAW …
Thanks as always.

I added a Noctua fan … silent and powerful … I recommend it. (this comes from experience with 3D printers).

I’m not sure what your focus is. If you really need to use that USB C cable, I can’t give any advice. But if you just want to control Zynthian from your DAW, that’s easy: My PC is connected to an USB audio interface which also has MIDI ports. Into those I plugged a cheap USB/MIDI converter cable. The USB plug goes into Zynthian/Raspi. That’s it.
I think, two of these cheap converters in chain will work as well.

I also have a MIDI keyboard that is connected to another USB port of my Raspi and all keyboard MIDI messages are forwarded from Zynthian to my DAW as well!

I think I needed to tweak some setting so that MIDI messaged are also forwarded to USB or something like that.

I hope this helps.

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Many thanks, I’ll try.
I have a usb / midi interface.