V1->v2: basic v2 kit inside v1 case?

I’m having issues with my knobs from my v1 kit. I would like to upgrade it to a v2 kit.

Does the basic v2 kit


fit inside a v1 case?

Hi Nil!

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You shouldn’t have problems. The kit v2 perfectly fits the v1 case. You should make some extra holes for fixing the AllInOne circuit, but that’s all.


So I tried to connect the kit v2 to my existing Zynthian, but something went wrong. Here’s what I did

  1. Flash the sd card with Gorgona Omega v2 image
  2. Connect all the parts (ribbon + knobs + MIDI IN)
  3. Power the RP2. The RP2 didn’t turn on, and after a few seconds it started smelling burn. I immediately powered it off!
  4. Disconnect the ribbon from the screen (PiTFT 2.8).
  5. Power the RP2. This time it works!
  6. Connect to it via ssh.
  7. Update.

For the update I had to add type first


otherwise it would not allow the access of the git repositories when doing


Otherwise it seems the update has worked (I’m not sure yet). So I guess the RP2 wasn’t damaged in the process (and I hope the HiFi berry and kit either).

I suspect the problem is that kit v2 is not compatible with the PiTFT 2.8.

P.S: (EDIT) the second update seems to have completed successfully.

They are pretty tough devices generally… Imagine the sins that get committed every day in classrooms with mis-aligned ribbons et al.

I’ll fire up my original v1 zynth ( an actual official kit no less) and see how it behaves. IT’s the difficultly of changing the ssd that prevents me developing on it but I might cut a decent hole in the base to make this sort of play a little more viable.

… by the way …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Probably you connect the display reversed and it’s now burned (if you smelt “chamusquina” …)
The V2 ribbon cable is folded in a different way that V1’s one because display connectors are placed differently (PiTFT vs PiScreen). The kits is perfectly compatible with the PiTFT 2.8, but the ribbon, that should be unfolded and re-folded.

But don’t worry! I will send you a replacement for free :wink:
You check the connector orientation and try to re-fold the ribbon. Perhaps you have to remove the “catch” that maintain reversed the 26-pin connector … I’m not completely sure now and i should check it with some of my V1s.

But you can be sure it works. I’ve mounted several V2 kits with the PiTFT 2.8 and it works perfectly!! :wink:


You must be right, changing the connector orientation powers the PiTFT, however it stays white kinda flickering, so I assume it is damaged.

So not only Zynthian is free as in freedom, but also free as in free beer! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!!