V5 Arrived today, Manitoba, very fast!

Only problem, I ordered without a Pi because my local shop seemed to be flush with units, and then I went to pick one up and they were sold out, so now I have to wait for one to arrive from Amazon on Monday or Tuesday. I do have a pi4 kicking around, but I already added heatsinks and I’d rather use an 8GB unit for this.

Everything looks totally fine and I will sit in quivering anticipation for the next weekish.


At the end, UPS were not so bad (not worst than the rest!) :grin:

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Well, I would still prefer Canada Post, which only charges me the government fees. I do understand that not all postal services are quite so reliable as ours, though.

In the old days, you were not even told how much they were charging; you had to go through the process of clearing it yourself to find out. Perhaps the age of Internet Outrage Vulnerability has begun to smarten some of the older players up a bit.

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Booting up for the first time - the keypad is putting on quite a light show of seemingly random flashing colours. Is this expected behavior?

edit: realized I used an older image from July - that doesn’t seem old enough to matter but I’m downloading a fresh one and will try with that. Screen works fine, seemingly, and I saw the usual Pi bootup happen. Will take video of the lightshow this time if it happens again.

‘normal’ startup for me:
Dim flash screen
Bright Flash screen
Zynthian logo
All the buttons light up blue
Some of the buttons change color based on ‘recalled state’

with a few seconds between one step and the next.

Fresh download seems to have done it - previous image did make a valiant attempt, but this I’m getting a “Configuring your zynthian” message screen with the logo, which I did not get last time. Presumably this is it but I’ll report back if any further weirdness occurs :>

edit: EEEEEEEEEEK it works!