V5: Connecting the flat display cable - It won't stay in

I recently bought a Zynthian v5 kit, and I’m toward the end in building it, at 5.1 (“Plug the display flat cable into the display”) on the wiki. On the display side, for some reason the cable isn’t staying in when I close the FPC tongue. I’m wondering if it might not be going in all the way, although I’m pushing it in as far as it will go. The silver contacts are still partially visible. Should it slide in far enough that the contacts are not visible? I’m not quite sure what I’m doing wrong.

Does it matter which side of the cable goes into the Pi vs the display? The way I installed the cable into the Pi, the blue printed words are on the top when I go to plug the cable into the display, though the wiki seems to show it the other way (with the plain white side on top).

Hi @CalicoSkies !

You shouldn’t see the silver contacts. Check the cable extreme is not bended or damaged. Also, check the connector is totally open before trying to insert the cable. WIthout forcing it, you should be capable of pushing the flat cable until it’s totally inserted. Move it a little bit while pushing until it find his way.

All flat cables in V5 are reversible. The only important thing is the connector’s blue-side orientation.

Good luck!


I was able to get it in and connected.


Hi @CalicoSkies :slightly_smiling_face: (nice logo image by the way!)

As @jofemodo justly stresses, and I have pointed out myself in another thread, answering to @imekon , the white blue-capped FPC cables are reversible, so no worries as to which side of the white surface you see when you assemble it.

As for the flat cables themselves, they obviously lack, by inherent design’s conception, that firm push-and-click reassuring feeling which we non electrical engineers are otherwise used to, with ordinary larger connectors of different kinds.

I have experienced personally that, sometimes, the placing of the cable’s tip feels quite dubious, and that exerting even the slightest force on the plastic tongues of the connector seems to imbalance the geometry of the contacts.

Therefore, no problems: follow the well-written instructions and be confident.

Best regards, and good assembly! :vulcan_salute:

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I just added a note in the building tutorial to avoid future doubts about this subject:



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