V5 User Guide on the way

Hi @zynthianers!

this was already published in the V5 thread, but i prefer to put it in a separate thread so it’s easier to find and nobody miss it

For those having one of the new V5 units and for those curious about how the new V5 user interface works, here is the link to the V5 user guide:


It’s a work in progress and it will improve along the next days/weeks. In its current state is a good introduction and it will solve many doubts. Indeed, those coming from the classic zynthian UI will find it very enlightening.

Don’t hesitate to ask your doubts and give your opinion about it.

For the rest of the guide, i’ve a nice surprise i’ve been working on and i’m pretty sure all of you will be really pleased with it.



Thank you @jofemodo !

Hi @zynthianers!

I’ve been working in a “web zynthian mockup” that is capable of replaying pre-captured zynthian sessions:

You can test it on-line:


and very soon it will be integrated in the webconf, so everybody could capture small tutorials and share with others.

For the curious, the zynthian-ui’s “capture_log” branch is the development branch that implements the session capture functionality. The subtitles must be added by hand, but this will change when the mockup player is integrated in the webconf.

Currently, only V5 mockup has been implemented, but creating a mockup for V4, V3, etc. will be really easy after creating this beauty!

Of course, i know what some of you are thinking right now…

  • why not to embed the VNC display instead of replaying a video?
  • why no to send the events in real time from the zynthian to the mockup using a websocket?
  • why not to send button & knob events from the browser to the zynthian?
  • etc.

:grin: :nerd_face:

All this will be implemented too … but not today!!
And of course, i hope somebody step forward for this task. I’m tired of web development and i would like to focus in the 64 bit migration.



This is quite slick, I think no one will use the wiki after they start to see this :laughing:

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Yes it is pretty cool but I don’t think it replaces a searchable text document. Some of us oldies prefer to read some info rather than sit through a video tutorial. There are places for both and good (accurate and easy to comprehend) documentation is very advantageous.

The virtual Zynthian is truly a step forward in our tools to educate. Well done @jofemodo.


Hi @zynthianers!

The v4 is ready too:

You can test it on-line too:


  • The workflow capture option is integrated in the zynthian-ui (testing branch). You will find it at the end of the admin menu.

  • The mockup player is fully integrated in the webconf (testing branch). You can access the captured workflow sessions (logs) from the library->capture panel, under the “log” tab.

The webconf mockup player also allows to edit the subtitles (add, delete, save, etc.) Changing the log file name will modify the title too.

Please, play a little bit with it. It’s not perfect but it reached a sweet point and it starts to be useful.

I hope to start releasing some curated workflow captures with nice subtitles in the next days, specially for V5. Perhaps some of you want to do the same with the V4?




Very cool - but how can I export that to i.e. Youtube? Screenrecording needed? I can see an MP4 embedded, but that is only the screen.

Yes. For exporting to YouTube you should use a screen recorder.


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Fine - I think about re-recording my tutorial and integrating that.

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